Ravgo's History begins 42 years ago when Don Ramon Avilés Góngora was owner of a small grocery store, where occasionally sold one or two Guayaberas to the week. It was at that time that began to be interested in the commercialization of the Guayabera, typical of the Yucatan region, so gradually was acquiring the necessary machinery for his manufacture.

By the year 1965, Don Ramon Avilés decides to condition his own home to establish the foundations of Fine Manufactures Ravgo, thus located the Matrix on the street 62 by 79 of downtown of Merida, Yucatan, that to date continues conserving its functions.

Towards 1985 Ravgo constituted a company consolidated and great weight in the area of manufacturing of Guayaberas and other clothing. Begun to diversify, offering no only Guayaberas but also guayamisas, philippines, chazarillas, dress shirts and smoking, pants, shorts, dresses for girls etc.

Nowadays, Ravgo conserves the tradition in the commercialization of the Guayabera, nevertheless has innovated in the acquisition of new European machinery, manufacturing techniques and computerized system. It has developed new products between which are dresses of XV years and bride, as well as Guayaberas lady. At currently has five Stores that distribute in the city of Merida and one in Cancun. In addition is exported to Puerto Rico and United States of America.